Quality Assurance Solutions, LLC supports Strategic Planning initiatives for laboratories due to its broad understanding of the environmental testing  market and its segments.  

Quality Assurance Solutions, LLC "walks the halls" of data-users

and can bring new insight into positioning efforts. 
The owner holds an MBA degree to support the 
unique needs of a laboratory whose vision is growth and profitability. 

Those insights can  also be used for operating publicly-held laboratories
 in an efficient, cost-effective manner through "triple bottom line" positioning.

Based on the needs of a client or project, 
Quality Assurance Solutions, LLC  may 
offer other specialized consultants to 
assure maximum success.

Strategic planning support offered by Quality Assurance Solutions, LLC can include the following areas: 

Market Positioning Services for pricing, sales support, test mix evaluation, client services features, market survey data 
generation, and "live" customer service data generation.
Participation with laboratory acquisition teams to include introduction of parties with mutual interests

Cost analysis of bench level procedures to determine Net Present Values (NPV)  for Capital Investment strategies     

Cost analysis of bench level procedures to determine Internal Rates of Return (IRR) for Capital Investment strategies    

Laboratory design to improve work flow and efficiency



Lab Strategic Planning