Quality Assurance Solutions, LLC also provides extensive onsite training and flexible training options in a wide variety of topics for laboratories or operations/field staff.  The training material can be  customized to address specific training needs.  Onsite training can significantly reduce costs and enhance accomplishment of training goals. 

Consider Quality Assurance Solutions, LLC when contact hours are needed for supporting wastewater and drinking water analyst certificates.  

Contact hours are recognized by CWEA for Wastewater and California's State Water Resources Control Board for Drinking Water.

Customized training courses and programs 
are available upon request. 

Please use the "Contact Us" page to inquire about the latest training courses and contact hours offered.​

Lab Training Courses


Quality Assurance Solutions, LLC offers a wide variety of training courses 
and new courses are added continuously.  

The following topics are often requested:

  1. Implementing the TNI 2016 Standard (Rev 2.1) in a Small California Laboratory (Series of 6 day-long onsite training days).
  2. Ethics & Integrity Training for the Environmental Testing Laboratory Professional (2.5 hour comprehensive for new staff and 1.5 hour annual refresher).
  3. Quality System Training Against a Standard such as TNI 2016 (Rev 2.1), CA ELAP program requirements, DOD/DOE ELAP 5.3, ISO 17025:2017, ISO 9001, etc. (Full Day Programs or over Multiple Days).
  4. Establishing and Maintaining an Effective Quality System for Environmental Testing: Best Available Practices for Environmental Testing Laboratories (3.0 Hours).
  5. Entry Level and Advanced Quality Assurance Manager training.  Training is customized to the size of the Laboratory and employee needs.  Training time varies. Contact hours may be used to establish QA Manager qualifications under the TNI 2016 Standard (Rev 2.1).
  6. Generating Legally Defensible Field or Operations Data: A Drinking Water & Wastewater Field Perspective (2.5 hours).
  7. Fundamentals of QA/QC for Environmental Testing Professionals: Data Quality Assessment (4.0 hours).
  8. Surviving Your Next EPA NPDES Compliance Inspection: The Laboratory Perspective
  9. Common TNI 2016 (Rev 2.1) and CA ELAP Findings - Training and Corrective Action Implementation.
  10. Data Integrity Assessment: Using Mint Miner® for Organics Raw Data. 
  11. Best Practices to Perform Raw Data Review in an Environmental Testing Laboratory.
  12. Effective Internal Auditing Techniques for QA Professional.
  13.  Custom training programs upon request.